Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 month anniversary

Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary! Yay! This post will be me bragging about my husband and how sweet and thoughtful he is! For example, when he came home from work, I noticed he had something behind his back. All of a sudden, he broke out in a poem:

This might seem kind of fruity,
but I wrote you this poem
and brought you some booty."

Then he pulled out a box of princess fruit snacks from behind him (which I love). He wasn't done...:

"If these are milk's favorite cookie, than you're my favorite shnookie."

Out comes a package of oreos! (which I also love) How sweet! He even biked in the RAIN to the store to buy them after work! I love him!

Later that night, we went grocery shopping at Walmart. As always, I stop by the baby section to ooh and aw. Since we know we're having a boy, I looked at some cute little boy onesies that had sayings on them. What was different about this time, though was Joe looked at the price, and let me buy two of them! "Happy Anniversary" he said! YAY!

1.) Our favorite name right now is: David Andrew Keyes
2.) Belly pics coming soon!

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Nate and Starlie said...

i LOVE the second shirt, thats hilarious!