Monday, November 3, 2008


Here is a photo shoot of my Superman:

We were able to go to Jeff's special Halloween performance with the improv group Laugh Out Loud. Everyone dressed up and it was tons of fun. Afterwords, we went home and watched....The Ring. I can't believe I watched it. Joe loves it, so I just covered my eyes for most of it.

Here we are posing as Superman and Lois Lane. I'm probably a bit more forward than Lois Lane is actually depicted, but I couldn't help myself.

The ward elder's quorum had a Halloween Bowl. I thought this was a pretty cool shot.

We have some pretty fun videos we wish we could put up now, but when our hard drive was beaten up, we lost the program so we'll have to put them up later. I had a doctor's appointment today just to hear the heartbeat and such. Apparently I have FINALLY started to gain .... 3 pounds. So everything is going well and seems to be on track for finding out what we're having on Thursday! People have begun to notice that I am showing a little bit of a belly which is fun. We are so excited to go home for the holidays and can't wait to see everyone!


LMKeyes said...

Wow, your guys' costumes look great! Congrats on gaining weight? Is that ok to say? Anyway, we are excited to hear whether it's a boy or girl...

Nate and Starlie said...

wow I like Joe's little impression of being superman, he looks like he is about to rip his suit off. you've only gained 3 pounds??? complete jealousy on my side, you guys look really good in your costumes by the way! and i'm just waiting for the next post about your baby!