Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Final Countdown!

We are only five days away from my due date! We are both doing really well and just keeping busy. My appointments are finally giving me some hope of this baby eventually coming! Joe is still studying really hard for the DAT and recently started volunteering at Sealants For Smiles. This organization goes around to elementary schools and does free hygeine and sealants for kids in the Utah area.

Joe has been wanting a suit for some time now, for church and dental school interviews, and my dad was SO kind to buy us one (a three piece suit and a new tie)! We are both really grateful and excited! Here is a little photo shoot just to give you a taste.

With the vest:

With just the vest:

Without the vest:
(you can see the nice new tie in this one:)

My personal favorite:

Thanks Dad! Happy Birthday!


Michael Pitcher said...

Very nice!! You look great Joe...

Michael Pitcher said...

Oh, this is Michelle... :)