Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well little Eric and I are recovering very quickly and are very happy. I'm learning something new every day and also feeling a little more confident. Today Joe is in San Fransisco with some of his family attending the University of Pacific Pride Day (the dental school his brother goes to and the one Joe wants to go to). We miss him very much and can't wait till he gets home tonight!

A long time family friend made me a special pillow like the one below (which I still have) when I was born. I was so pleased to get this little pillow (just like mine but trains instead of flowers) in the mail the other day! She is so thoughtful and talented!
Since I have been feeling better and better, Joe and I decided it was time to take little Eric out into the world. We bundled him up and took him to Walmart. (I know, exciting). He was such a good boy and just looked out the back window at all the lights. He was fascinated (see below). I don't think he cried or complained the entire trip. He even fell asleep in the store and stayed asleep the whole way home. We are so proud of our little traveler.

After the successful Walmart trip, I was feeling more competent. The next day, we accompanied Grandma Keyes to Costco. Again, such a good boy! Although, in trying to be a good mom, I may have bundled him up a little too much. He got heat rash on his arms. Poor guy.

This is just one of my favorite onsies: "Frogs & SnaiLs & puppy dog taiLs"

Cute sleeping baby


Nate and Starlie said...

these pictures are so cute, I can't wait to come and hold him.

Nate and Starlie said...

oh and Sarah I am so happy for you that you are doing so good, I love the picture of you and him snuggling at the hospital. I think you guys should frame it.