Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day

Joe didn't have to work on Memorial Day so we decided to be adventurous and take our Bob stroller on a hike. We went up to Stewart Falls on Mt. Timpanogos. It was pretty difficult with the stroller, but it did amazingly and was a lot of fun.

Being manly.

Stewart Falls. It was cold and wet.

On our way back down.

Eric was a trooper and didn't complain despite the bumpy ride. He was even asleep by the end!


Nate and Starlie said...

Wow, that Bob stroller is amazing! We should have a competition and include Lance, seeing who can do the coolest thing with the stroller. You've already set the standard pretty high.

The Wilcken 7 said...

I agree with Starlie. The Bob stroller is awesome! You should have a contest! Eric is super cute. I just love the pictures you post. It looks like having a baby hasn't slowed you down one bit! Keep up the fun!