Sunday, July 12, 2009


Eric did so well on his first plane ride (especially with such a fun dad to make faces with)!

He even learned a new trick: flying WHILE flying.

I guess it was pretty exhausting though.

The night after we arrived, my parents put on a barbeque for us in their backyard and invited the whole family. It was so fun to see everyone and were even treated to a talent show consisting of songs from "The Sound of Music", riding unicycles, bicycles, and tricycles, and doing somersaults.

Joe especially had fun helping my brother, Michael, cut down and limb some trees in my parents' backyard!

Eric and Grandpa Pitcher having some quality time together.

Grandpa and Grandma Pitcher spoiled us and took us to Anthony's (where they played tug-of-war with Eric).

Special note: This is a "snow globe" the golf ball just floats around and you are supposed to try to get it on the tee. Everyone though it impossible until Joe came along and did it in fifteen minutes. Amazing.

On the ferry over to visit Grandma and Grandpa Keyes! Although it was difficult, Eric was very patient. We were so glad we could go up and see you guys!

Later that night, Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher took Eric to his first movie at a movie theater: Ice Age 3 and showed us their new and improved storage shed. They did extensive organizing work that I could never imagine even wanting to start. Good job guys!

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