Sunday, July 5, 2009

yellowstone nat'l park

he's a really good camper

he likes doritos cool ranch

and he likes his mom

he smiles!


and poses like a boxer

sarah bundled him very well

the mud volcano

random geyser

emerald pool

exclesior geyser

seriously, think of some better names. i think they should get the guy that produced transformers to name these geysers. surprise is not a marketable name. it should be something like "man-eater" or "explosion" or "ninja warrior."

another random geyser giving us a show

bring a gas mask. this place smells.

we saw lots of buffalo

pretty sunset

mammoth hot springs

old faithful

sarah loves this picture

1 comment:

Patty Fingers said...

I think he's a little young for frito lays snack food. Great pics of yellowstone! I'm going in two weeks with Josh!!