Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Moved To Washington! . . . . . over a month ago. part 1

We moved to Washington at the end of August! Yay! We are so glad to be back in the beautiful northwest. Eric endured the move very well, expecially since he and I took an airplane while poor dad and his family drove up. The Keyes parents were so kind to drive down their trailer, help us load all our stuff in it, and drive it all the way back up to Whidbey Island. We are also very grateful to them for letting us live in their beautiful rv for a year. We love it! It's just parked on their property so we can visit them whenever we like! The rv has two bedrooms, a kitchen, table with benches, and a couch. I like it better than our last apartment.

Eric's cousin Tye came to visit right before we moved.
They are so cute together.

Here are a few of Eric's firsts!

First time in a hot tub (he loved it).
Looking cute in his swim diaper

About the time we moved here Eric decided he only wanted to drink from a bottle. He was having some issues gaining weight anyway so I figured it was a good thing even though it broke my heart. He really started gaining weight and being healthier on the formula. We then noticed all the signs leading us to the decision to start him on solids! He didn't really like rice cereal plus it didn't sit right in his tummy.

He really liked oatmeal though!

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