Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Suprise, Suprise! and Christmas Fun


Yup, it's true! Eric's little brother or sister is on their way to our family. We couldn't be more excited. Expected arrival date: August 5th.

Here it is 9 weeks along:

Chriiiiistmaaaas. (from the movie Better Off Dead)

We spent this year's Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher. It was so much fun to see them and some of my siblings and their families. We are totally spoiled. It was a great place to spend ERIC'S FIRST CHRISTMAS. These are the cheap things he got from his parents: a wiffle rattle ball, rockin rings, baby piano, soft quiet book, a light up rawring baby dinosaur. Fun memories.

Getting Eric Christmas morning:

Playing by the Christmas tree after breakfast:

Experiencing wrapping paper for the first time:

He loved all of his presents:
Eric LOVED Christmas:

P.S. I found this picture of Eric's cousin Tye on Grandma Keyes' phone....woah


hanna said...

the pictuers are all so cute!

Ashley & Josh said...

Hey Sarah! I'm a blog stalker and found you from Starlie! Congrats on your new baby!!! And how are your sisters? Any babies yet for them?

Nate and Starlie said...

that is so funny how they are making the same faces, geez they must be related or something! they both make the grandpa face!

Isaac and Taniel said...

Hey guys--It's Taniel. Congratulations on the new baby and on getting into dental school. That is great!