Sunday, July 4, 2010

San Francisco

We have moved to the Presidio of San Francisco, a WWII military housing community (decommissioned) so I can go to dental school at University of the Pacific. Sarah and I are really excited to be on our own again after living with my parents and attending WWU's MBA program for the last year or so. Thanks mom and dad, it was a blast. So first, here are some pictures of the city and house.

Eric likes sea lions. This is at Pier 39.
Here is our living room when we first moved in. It's changed.
evelyn, adelle, and eric playing on the couch we had in Utah (we sold it!)
In front of the tacoma narrows bridge
Eric will miss his best friends, Trace and Connor

So the second part of this post is about the dental school I will be attending for the next three years. That's right, three years, not four. It's the only 3 year school in the US for dentistry, so I don't get summers and it's kind of intense. But I get one more year of practicing dentistry, and one less year of school. I'm in the class of 2013, and that really doesn't seem that far away. The full name of the school is University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. It's website is and it has a reputation for being the most friendly dental school around. It's also an incredibly clinical school, not that it lacks in research, but the emphasis is on producing clinically competent doctors. The students that I have talked to love to talk about how clinically focused the school is, and how their residents are better clinicians than the graduates from research universities, or really any other university out there. It is also one of the most expensive schools, with tuition and fees around 100K per year. That is a lot of money, but the students have an average loan payback time of 8 years. So they must be pretty good doctors, to make all of that money back. The school's admissions averages for the DAT are in the top 5. Here are some pictures of the school:

This is Dr. Peters. He's the world's most cited/quoted endodontist (wow. how much cooler can you get?) If I specialize, it'll be endo.
"At Pacific, we grow people and along the way they become doctors." Arthur A. Dugoni, Dean emeritus. Every other school I interviewed at used this quote and said something along the lines of, "we really want to emulate the educational model at University of the Pacific..." so I thought, why not just go to UOP? My older brother, Lance, is a third year here so its kind of a no-brainer.
eric likes it

Awesome. I know.


Starlie and Nate Schmutz said...

Cool Joe! So was that a picture of an actual lab you were at? Is that where you guys practice?

Starlie and Nate Schmutz said...

okay I'm ready for more pictures of Eric! I can't wait for Tye and him to get together during Ellisha's wedding!