Friday, March 25, 2011

Walk to Golden Gate Bridge

Joe's mom came to visit during his spring break so we thought we'd take advantage of the nice weather and walk to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Good thing we did because it was pretty much hurricane season the rest of the week!

Lance and Melissa went on their own little vacation (lucky) so we had fun with their kids all week!

He came back for me :)

Mom, are you coming??

I think this is a blue heron??

I was trying to teach Eric to walk on the white line just for fun.  He just looked at me like "Mom, what are you doing??"

It was so fun to have you here Grandma!  Come back to visit soon!


Cute cousins

Wendy can sit up!

 For the most part.

She likes soft blankets :)

Princess and the Pea



Nicole and Ryan Wilder said...

I had fun looking at all the cute pictures on your blog. Your kiddos are adorable! THey both have pretty eyes!

Lance and Melissa said...

Oh thanks for taking pictures of our kids while we were gone. It's fun to see what they were up to! Of course just having fun with Eric and Wendy!