Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was so fun this year!  We started the festivities by dressing up in our costumes and visiting Joe at school for lunch.  Eric is a ninja but when he holds this little light stick toy he's a jedi, and Wendy is a princess.  The kids were so happy even though it was their nap-time!  Last night we met up with some friends for trick-or-treating.  We went to a well-to-do neighborhood in the presidio and boy, did it pay off!  The decorations were amazing and the candy was awesome.  They gave out huge candy bars and some even gave out toys.  Some of the decorations were pretty traumatizing for Eric but he did really well with the "nicer" doors.  Wendy fell asleep right off and stayed wrapped up in the stroller the whole time anyway since it was so cold.  I think she enjoyed peering out at all the crazy stuff, though.  Again, we were amazed and grateful that both kids were so happy the whole time.  I still need to replace the batteries in the flash so....all the good pictures are of the kids enjoying the loot later.

p.s.  Eric has been doing so well with potty training this last week.  He's only had one real accident!  We even put him in a diaper for trick-or-treating (where would he go to the bathroom there??) last night and he kept it dry the whole time - 3 1/2 hours and said he needed to go potty when we got home!  We're so proud of him!

It's pretty dark but there's our little guy being a jedi for this door. :)

 He sees something that he isn't too sure about...I think it was some sort of light show with scary sounds.

Begging Dad for more.

All-in-all a very fun Halloween!

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Pitcher Family said...

What a fun family!! Adorable little Ninja and Princess!!!