Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tis the Season

Yup, this is our Christmas tree this year.  First of all, we needed an advent calendar, and second, we will be gone for half the month.  Hence - our fun Christmas tree!  We love it.

We're excited for Christmas!

I have to document the first time in a very long time when Eric and Wendy are in arms reach of each other and aren't at each other's throats. :)

We are constantly amazed by how snuggly Wendy is.  Seriously.  It's so nice.  Btw, Grandpa Pitcher, she also loves when we stroke her back.


Lance and Melissa said...

The girls were sitting with me looking at your pictures.

Evelyn: "Mom, Eric looks different huh? He's older!"
Addi: "Mom I want to go eat a banana"

At least Evelyn gets what's going on. Cute pictures, and enjoy the Christmas Break!

Lindsay said...

i love your kiddos. they are so sweet :) and that tree idea is guh-ENIUS!! i need to make me one of those.