Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years in Oak-town

We are constantly grateful that our families live close to each other so we can split our holiday breaks with both of them every year.  After we spent Christmas with my family, we headed on up to Joe's family to spend the next week including New Years with them.  We had such a fun time! Eric was pretty sick the whole week with croup.  Poor little boy, he was such a trooper and was so sweet and tried to have fun.  This caused us to have a pretty relaxed week...thank you Grandma and Grandpa Keyes for being so patient with us!

Luckily Eric didn't spread his sickness to Wendy even though they were in close quarters and even sneaking sippy cups to each other.  Such a blessing!  So of course, Grandma Keyes put Wendy to work. Her job was the dishes and she loved it. :)

Not very flattering picture but it was a time when Eric wasn't lethargic.  He sure loved playing with all of Uncle Dallin's fun toys.

From time to time Wendy felt a little home-sick so we got creative with ways to occupy her.

With the kids feeling so tired and Eric being sick, we thought it best to not take them out into the cold to watch the fireworks where they would just complain and get sicker.  From time to time Eric would come out to the window and enjoy the cool fireworks.  Otherwise, they were very happy snuggling in our bed and watching Cars 2.  This is from when I checked on them.  Neither of them moved an inch. (peeking through the door. :))

Thanks Keyes Family for conforming to our needs and vegging with us!  We had a great time just hanging around with you!

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