Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Sarah,
I’m writing this to tell you I love you, and Merry Christmas.  A few years ago, 2007,  one? two? days after Christmas I proposed to you (officially).  You said yes!  Since then we have lived in a basement, in a trailer at my parents’ house, and now we’re strangers in a Strange land.  Thank you for your support as I finish school, 173 days left!  Some day I’ll learn to take care of the kids so you can get some R&R.  Until then, consider this a binding pledge that I’ll spring for Subway as often as you need.
We currently have three kids, a minivan, and some nice furniture; we even went big on decorations for Christmas this year.  As we move out of San Francisco (I think that we already have in our minds), I hope to keep this ball rolling and just keep having the time of my life with you and the kids.  Thank you for being a wonderful wife to me and a wonderful mother to our kids.  I love you for all the things you do, but especially for showing me real kindness and the value of selfless love.  For the first Christmas ever, I actually care more about what everyone else gets rather than what’s under the tree for me.  Your sweet demeanor brings out the meek in me, without any type of force; being around you makes me a better person.
I’m very glad we’ll be together forever.  I’ll keep trying to explain to you how I feel, even if it’ll never fully illustrate what you are to me I can at least try to put a label on what sometimes I leave unsaid, that is, without words.  I love you.  I have forever to keep loving you, and I’m sure that my love for you tomorrow will dwarf the feelings I have now.  You are the one and only most beautiful woman ever.  Thank you for helping me find the answers.  Thank you for saying yes. 


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