Sunday, July 6, 2008

We had a pet! The first full tour is on this too. Dont miss it.


Starlie said...

okay your house is huge! you guys have so much storage space that is so nice, and where did you get your love sac??? wow i like it. Nate is jealous of all your waffle makers.

Michelle said...

You guys crack me up!! I love how you inventoried everything that you own... so now, if I ever have to "borrow" anything, I know right where I can get it! :) That poor fly. (It was a fly, right?) I miss you guys... wish you were here, especially now that we have a house with room and you can actually stretch out a little!! Looks like you guys are having fun though, Congrats on getting all your stuff! Love ya!!

Dave said...

What in the world did you do to that poor fly? Or, was it just a really old lady fly and it had a really really long hair growing out of it's mole?