Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yes, I know it's been forever since we've updated this. This is your quick catch up.

Joe has been accepted into the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, otherwise known as University of the Pacific in San Francisco! We are so excited to start our new life there. Joe's brother, Lance, is a student there and was the final push that Joe needed to be accepted. UoP likes to accept family of previous students, Lance paid for us to come to the school's Pre-Clinical Simulation Course where Joe was noticed for his skills with a drill, and he kept us in contact with the school's admissions committee. He is also in the top few of his class (making it look like Joe would be too), encouraged Joe while he was studying for the DAT, and made sure he got his application in early. Thank you so much, Lance! We owe you big time! Hopefully we will be able to live close to you and Melissa in the fall of 2010!

Currently, Joe is enrolled in Western Washington University's MBA program up in Bellingham. He is learning some valuable information for his future dental practice including accounting and marketing.

I have been having a really fun time living with the Keyes family and hanging out with Joe's mom during the day. She's gotten me into crafty things that I'm really excited about. Currently I am working on a cute strip quilt. I am also very very busy being the ward primary secretary. I never knew how much work goes into this calling. I know I am being blessed with patience because otherwise this would be way too overwhelming. I am so very grateful for that.

Eric is 8 months old today! He sits up, rolls over, smiles at anyone and everyone, and goes down for a nap without any fuss.

Things Eric loves:

star puffs

any gerber baby food fruit

being tickled
saying "goy goy goy goy" while his binky is in his mouth


sucking on things

playing with noisy light up toys

jumping in his jumping toy or while being held
making indian noises

grabbing things he's not supposed to

his blankey and his binky


and splashing in the bathtub

Things Eric doesn't like:

when i walk away from him
any gerber baby food other than fruit
aunts screaming and yelling

being woken up by aunts screaming and yelling
bright sunlight in his face
and getting dressed

I think he got the swine flu this year but he recovered well from it. He now has a really bad cold (congested, cough, gravelly breathing). He's a trooper though. He loves the taste of medicine. I don't think we'll have a problem with him taking it in the future. He is a very patient, well mannered little boy. We are so happy to have him. Every day we say to each other "he's such a good little boy!".

Eating a banana by himself for the first time. He loved it.

Eric and his only boy cousin on the Keyes side so far, Tye.

We have started the Christmas season by attending the Nutcracker ballet with the Keyes family. It is always such a fun experience. We've also purchased a Christmas tree from a local tree farm for our little trailer. It's already decorated and and in the little kitchen area, where it fits very nicely. Eric was also able to have pictures with the tree farm's santa (pictures coming soon).

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LMKeyes said...

Um...pretty sure we are BEYOND excited for you guys to come! And we are keeping our eye on the place next door. July can't come soon enough for us. Really. And thank you so so much. I'll make sure Lance gets to see this. :)