Wednesday, February 16, 2011

long time

NO, this is not a charlie impression. Eric is thinking, "how far can I stick this in before mommy says no?"

This is how I pass the time: playing with my navel while watching the washer go 'round.

It's been a long time since we posted, so I figured I would. The last 2 quarters of dental school have been very draining on Sarah and I, and everything is very off schedule and under developed. However, the worst is over and I am pretty sure that it's downhill from here. I'm going to be a dentist after all!

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Starlie and Nate Schmutz said...

I lOVE the Eric and navel picture-so much like his dad, I see now where he got those genes! Wendy's eyes look beautiful in the pink blanket picture. AND we just looked at Lance's and Melissa's blog and saw Eric all muddy on some hike! What a true boy, I'm honestly not sure if Tye would have done that, he would have loved the sitting part but he HATES getting his hands dirty. Got that from me no doubt! thanks for posting! miss you guys!