Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monterey Bay

My sweet sweet husband took our little family on a trip to Monterey Bay for my birthday this year! We stayed at Hotel Abrego (its nice look it up) for two nights (that had a swimming pool. I regret not taking pictures of Eric and Joe swimming).

The first thing we did was go explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

There was an exhibit where you can actually pet a ray. Here is when Eric spotted it. I'm impressed that it didn't scare him.
Watching it swim around the pool:

This is the splash room. Generated waves crash against the walls and ceiling simulating the oceans waves. It looks pretty real. Eric loved watching from out in the hall but it took some convincing for him to go in with Dad.

Then Eric started getting tired and all he wanted to do was run around free and push any buttons he could find.
Eric held on pretty tight when we showed him the sharks.
I thought I'd do a little photo shoot of Wendy. She's 6 1/2 months and is getting to be such a happy, fun little baby girl. Here she is doing raspberries:

We walked through a room where the fish swam up in the ceiling.

I couldn't get the camera to have the jellyfish be bright and pretty at the same time as Joe and Wendy. I still have a lot to learn. But you can see that Wendy is still doing raspberries...

There. Here's what these amazing jellyfish looked like. Aren't they beautiful!
Walking back out. I just thought this was a cute picture of Joe kissing Wendy's hand.

By this time Eric was so ready for a nap. Luckily we came across these penguins. Apparently they are the most hilarious things in the world. Eric loved them. He was doubled over cracking up the whole time we were there.

Joe thought I should document Eric's first happy meal. To my defense: Eric is teething and so has been very picky about what he eats. He hadn't eaten anything all day (by now it was 3:00 p.m.). I know he loves french fries. Desperation brought us to McDonalds. Anyway. He ate them. Really fast.

These next couple are just cute pictures of wendy reading stories with daddy.


Pitcher Family said...

Thanks for the fun tour of the aquarium!! Glad you guys could get away for some fun. Thanks, Joe for being so very kind and thoughtful!! Love, MOM and DAD

The Wilcken 7 said...

Wow! The picture of the jelly fish is amazing! Your kiddos are so cute! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!