Tuesday, March 1, 2011

San Francisco Zoo

(Trying to break into the carousel building)

Eric and the Peacock

At first he was a little shocked because he didn't notice it until they were this close. He stopped in his tracks.

A little nervous
Still nervous but starting to kind of like it.
Keeping his eye on it.
....still keeping his eye on it. His feet were planted there till the peacock was well out of his "danger zone".
Wendy didn't even know we went to the zoo.
"Mom, is that crazy monkey going to get me?"


Starlie and Nate Schmutz said...

i love how wendy didn't even know! cute pictures!

Isaac and Taniel said...

These photos are super cute. Your kids are getting big

Pitcher Family said...

I have adorable grandchildren if I do say so myself!:)