Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun Week

Sunday afternoons are the best.  Having already gone to church and taken naps, the kids are in perfect moods to have fun as a family.  Their current favorite game to play together is for Eric to run screaming from one end of the room to the other while Wendy is waving her arms and laughing as hard as she can.

After they play together Eric always thanks her for being his fun little friend.

We've been trying to spend a lot of our time with Lance and Melissa and their kids before they leave.  It has been such a blast living close to them.  What are we going to do without you??

Lately when they're over at our house, the kids go upstairs and play in Eric's room....SO. nice.  Grandpa Keyes gave this scary dinosaur to Eric for Christmas this last year but Eric has a love/hate relationship with it so far.  I'm sure he'll warm up to it soon, though.  He loves it from a distance.  He thinks it's absolutely hilarious.  

He backed himself up into a corner and couldn't get away when it got a little too close.  He was also really really tired, which made it both funnier and scarier.

We celebrated Joe's birthday on Wednesday!  

This year he requested lots of cupcakes with gummy bears on top...

This is right after he blew out his candles.  He just blew them out without a song or a wish or a second to get the camera ready.  Oh well, you can tell that he's having fun.

Yesterday we went on a fun, long, perfect walk to the bridge, across, and back.  The kids were absolutely perfect....

miscellaneous (sp?) pics...


Lindsay said...

sooo basically.. your kids were angels all weekend. *sigh* i love those weekends. i can't wait for lucas to have fun with his little sister. i hope they get along as these two. SO cute.

Starlie and Nate said...

cute cute