Friday, June 10, 2011

Wendy really doesn't care which way her binky is.  It could be upside down, crooked, or sideways even though it smooshes her nose.

Wendy is such a good girl when daddy is clipping her nails.  She stays so still for him.

I don't know how she finds things to put in her mouth.  I think the house is clean then she finds something like paper, carpet lint, cords, or a phone to eat.

Funny girl.


After Joe was finished with his finals (yay, he's done with his first year of dental school!) we went camping with Lance and Melissa and their kids, and Jake and Ellisha (Joe's sister and her husband).  This was Wendy's first camping experience.  She did wonderfully!  She slept better than she does at home!  I wasn't able to get a picture of our actual sleeping arrangements since Eric woke up before 5:30.  Here is a picture of our little camping girl.  She didn't have any warm pajamas so we dug up some of Eric's old ones...

I guess the outdoors wear them out or something because Wendy slept in then took a nap and Eric took two naps before we left at 2 pm.

It's been so fun to have Ellisha and Jake in town!  

Eric loved following Joe around and "helping daddy".

Eric is a true explorer.  We were constantly finding him walking off to check something out or just go on a walk.

Tired girl.  Her eyes look like they're already rolling back into her head in this picture...

I don't know how she does it but she sucks on her binky - and her bottle for that matter - with her upper lip and not her bottom lip but her tongue...then her bottom lip goes under that.  There's almost not enough room for her bottom lip to be behind it.

Wendy gets even sweeter and snugglier when she's super tired.

Ready to play after her last nap.

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Pitcher Family said...

Thanks for the fun update!! The kids must have loved all that fresh air. Glad you could have some fun along with the moving project. Congrats to Joe on finishing his first year with flying colors!!