Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fun day with mom-by dad

The last couple of days the kids have started to be nice to one another, so I deemed it worth publishing.

Sarah and I are trying out a mattress topper; the kids have a fresh interpretive dance studio.
I cant tell if the kids are tilted in this photo or that picture on the wall was tilted by the kids, but its a clear sign that they had fun.

Ok I think the kids were tilted cuz in this one the picture seems pretty straight.

I think this pose deserves a name: FINISH HER!!!

downward dog and sideways cat?

I think eric is break dancing

really, sometimes I wonder if she has 4 arms

I only let him pose like this when he's young.  

his belly makes me proud

wendy's downward dog, down wind

this photo I consider the meat and potatoes of Eric's life

they really are good friends, especially when watching eric buy games from the amazon app store

This one is specifically for Sean Phelps.  That's right, Sean, he's about to get a monster shoulderbite.

All of these pictures, except the first one, were taken today.  Sarah was really happy to get some great pictures to show that they actually share things now.  I think it helped a lot when they went to Seattle this last week and found out that playing with kids (read: Christian, Matthew, Cayden, Dallin, Wesley, Ashlynn, Lauren, Bethany, Tye, Emma, Caralyn, Julia, Eva, Nathan, Jessica, Natalie, Tauni) their age can actually be fun.  So much for what I told Eric after an especially crazy day at nursery: "Eric, if you don't want to be treated unfairly, it's best not to interact with people."

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Starlie and Nate said...

love them! joe your commentary is great