Monday, April 9, 2012

Knees, Utah, and Crowd Surfing

We're really tired right now and these pictures explain why.

Eric has chronic knee bloodies.

we went to Utah, visited Sarah's sister

learned to ignore mom and dad,

played in the dirt,

opened presents,

and played with snapples.

Then our kids found a new favorite thing ever: crowd surfing.  Eric started it but Wendy quickly joined in after seeing how fun it was.  They ran around the couch in a little circle, hopping off on that end

over cushions

onto the ottoman

and into dad's arms

then they surfed on our arms across a section of the couch

and down to the cushions.

I need a haircut.

It lasted about 45 minutes and became our family night activity.  Eric and Wendy made about 20 trips total.  It was fun to watch Wendy because she was so into it.  I think she was the reason that Eric liked it so much, because  she was yelling happy and unintelligible things the entire time.  When Eric got to the ottoman, he would always wait for her to be picked up first, then he would mount the arm of the couch for a turn.  
That was fun.  Then Wendy found mom's phone.

Mom's phone tug-of-war.

Eric wins.

Wendy coming back for seconds.

Eric with the tongue defense.  Note: they are marching in unison. Wendy is eating Nilla Wafers (reduced fat).

She found dad's phone. Way cooler.  Look Eric, this one has games.

I really like her hair in this one.

Eric jumping

This shot took a few tries

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Starlie and Nate said...

we LOVE reading your blog posts- always hilarious