Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wendy's 2!!!

Wendy's 2nd birthday was today!! My goodness does time fly when you're having fun! :)

Also, a lot of these pictures are blurry. Sorry, didn't think to change the shutter speed till after the fact.  They're still cute, though.

We started off playing with balloons. So much fun.

Binky break.

Joe and I made this little kitchen for Wendy.  We got the table off of craigslist for super cheap, the fabric I already had, and a few little things from Lowe's.

We put some washers under these knobs so they would turn.

We hit the jackpot at Ross with some cute little pots, pans, spatulas, bowls, etc...

How can you have a play kitchen without a basket of play food? :)

Mmmm looks delicious...

Daddy surprised us all with this fun bouncy horse for the kids to share! :)

Ok so now for the cake.  Remember last year?  Total opposite this time! The kids were so excited about the candles, they didn't touch them, and they made each other giggle taking turns trying to blow them out (successfully, so we had to relight them for the video).

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! You bring such joy to our lives with your super girliness, cuteness, and sweet snuggles!!! We love you!!!

 P.s. It's a miracle this cake turned out.  After the cake was cooled down, we realized we forgot to make sure we had powdered sugar for the frosting.  We tried an experiment and it turned out really good (to our surprise).  Jiffy Marshmallow Creme.  Who knew??  It even turns glossy after it's spread on.  We remembered the flower shaped sprinkles, though.

Here's a little birthday video:

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