Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Having fun at the hotel...

We, of course, had to bring the favorite bed-time story...

Didn't know there was a toddler pool till we looked out our window!

Eric gazed at it whenever he could....we spent a lot of time wading there and swimming in the regular pool...

We came back to the hotel one day while housekeeping was working on our room so we checked out the arcade room.  The kids loved it even though we didn't actually pay to play anything...

Hiking to Lower Yosemite Falls...

Such a hot day.  Luckily it wasn't that far of a hike...

Well, there it is.  All dried up.

Joe and Eric climbed up the rocks and boulders a ways and apparently, Eric is a natural.  Joe raved about his good moves when they got back.

Among all the beauty of nature....there are still trucks.  We didn't even see it through the trees...but Eric did.  He has such a good eye for those things!

"A truck!"

Half Dome

El Capitan

Joe with Half Dome/landscape

These signs were all over the place

On the shuttle (or "bus" as Eric calls it) from the parking lot to Mariposa Grove since both the Grove parking lots were full...This was a definite highlight of the trip for the kids.  They never ever ride buses.  Eric, I guess, thinks he's a big boy and kindly didn't let me hold on to him or touch him at all and had a serious face on the whole time.  Wendy said cute, girly little "wooooaaahhhh"'s for the first 5 full minutes.  

The Fallen Monarch

It was big.

There were names, dates, initials, etc carved all over this gigantic thing dating all the way back to 1927!

Wendy got out and walked quite a ways (for her). Although, she would stop about every 5 feet and do a silly pose and/or dance, which made it a cute but very long uphill climb.

During one of the switch-backs, the kids decided it would be fun to sit on this rock....picture time!  These kids never ever pose for me.  I'm still amazed.

Giving Daddy a break...

Luckily this truck was in-sight at the top of the hill towards the end.  Otherwise, I don't think Eric would've made it. :)

There were bees, though..

Cute little Eric loved loved loved standing in this tree.

The Grizzly Giant

This little girl really enjoys any type of lotion or hand sanitizer.  She cannot get enough of it.

Sleepy little boy waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the car.

What's a good trip without a little organizing (Wendy's favorite thing to do).

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Starlie and Nate said...

That looks so fun! And so beautiful! Wendy has such long pretty hair! Its amazing how different they look already from the last time we were all together! And yay to Eric for rock climbing, maybe he was meant to be a rock climber all along since he's always loved rocks and he has his Dad's genes in him to be amazingly good at the climbing part. Go Eric!